Intellectual Contribution by JAGSOM Faculty

Dr Sangita Dutta Gupta’s research paper – ‘Technology Adoption and Entrepreneurial Orientation for Rural Women: Evidence from India’ which was published in the ABDC ‘A’ Category Journal – Technological Forecasting and Social Change, discusses about the adoption intention of ICT and entrepreneurial orientation of women in the rural sector.

Prof. Rajesh Kumar’s research paper ‘Barriers to Service Recovery in B2B Markets: A TISM Approach’ which was published in the ABDC ‘A’ Category journal – Journal of Business and Industrial Management, discusses about the critical area of service failure in B2B in the context of IT-based services and examines those factors that have greater influence on service recovery outcomes.

Prof. P S James’ research paper – ‘The effect of Hatha yoga intervention on students’ creative ability’ was published in the ABDC ‘A’ Category journal – Acta Psychologica, which discusses the effect of Hatha yoga intervention and how it significantly increases divergent thinking, a component of creativity, among people with no regular yoga practice.

Dr. Parvathi Jayaprakash’s research paper ‘The role of ICT for Sustainable Development: A Cross Country Analysis’ discusses the positive influence on the dimensions of the sustainable development of nations’. The research paper was published in the ABDC ‘B’ Category journal – European Journal of Development Research.

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