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Jagdish Sheth School of Management

Jagdish Sheth School of Management (JAGSoM) is amongst the first 6 business schools in India to be awarded the AACSB accreditation. JAGSoM PGDM (Marketing Major) and PGDM (Finance Major) were ranked in the 51+ band and the 101+ band respectively in the QS Business Masters Rankings 2021.

Programs at JAGSoM include

  1. PGDM: 2 Year residential Post Graduate Diploma in Management with the option to major in Marketing, Finance, HRM, Analytics & Digital Business.
  • PGDM (Marketing Major) – For those who wish to pursue a career in Marketing (with option of career tracks in MarTech or Sales & Service).
  • PGDM (Finance Major) – For those who wish to pursue a career in Finance (with option of career tracks in FinTech, Capital Markets or Banking).
  • PGDM (Analytics & Digital Business Major) – For those who wish to pursue a career in Business Analytics.
  • PGDM (HRM Major) – For those who wish to pursue a career in Human Resources Management (with option of career track in HRTech).
  • PGDM (with option of International Immersion) – For those who wish to pursue studies abroad at our international partner institutions.
  1. PGDM Executive: For professionals with work experience with option to attend on-campus sessions during weekends or learn from home (LFH) online.
  2. MBA: ‘The Right Brain MBA’ for new age professional roles that require creativity, innovation, design thinking and imagination at our picturesque campus at Karjat, near Mumbai.
  3. BBA: A unique residential program with a curriculum that facilitates the process of self-discovery in the initial years and then preparing for a career in business with the benefit of co-learning with MBA participants and mentoring by faculty and industry practitioners.

Actively engaged in research and consulting, JAGSoM hosts several Centers of Excellence such as AIM-Parasuraman Centre of Service Excellence and Vithala Rao Centre for Business Analytics. JAGSoM is led by eminent board with globally acclaimed scholar Padma Bhushan Prof. Jagdish Sheth as the Chairman.

JAGSOM has four distinct anchors that support its overall educational philosophy:

  1. Grooming T shaped professionals with a unique curriculum aligned to the needs of industry 4.0
  2. The program is delivered by domain specialist faculty, with professional experience in the industry.
  3. Global connects through partnerships with globally acclaimed business schools preparing for career tracks in new-age areas.
  4. Industry-connect programs to groom “Beyond Tomorrow” professionals.

For more information, visit  www.jagsom.com

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